President’s Letter – August 2021

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

This letter is dedicated to our Foster Families!  Our foster network always has been an important part of our mission. Foster families help nurture and socialize our young ones and comfort and train adults who will become future adoptees. Our fosters were especially valuable during the pandemic in helping us get shelter pets ready for adoption. With the relaxation of many pandemic restrictions, dogs and cats have been arriving in droves, stressing our foster network. Quite simply, we need more foster families.

During the pandemic, Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) continued to help overcrowded shelters. We accepted a number of dogs with correctable behavioral issues in need of a Second Chance – the promise we make and hope to keep for all of our new arrivals. These dogs are adoptable, but each needs an experienced foster with patience, experience, and the discipline to follow the rehabilitative training we have started. Behavior modification works best in a home, where comfort, constant companionship and a controlled environment brings reassurance and reward. Getting foster homes for some of our long-term dogs will free kennel space for more new arrivals. An open kennel means 3-4 adoptions in a month! 

We are partnering with Greater Good Charities and enrolled in its new Good Homes Program – to increase our foster network and help us find fosters willing to help with our special needs dogs. Shelters throughout Southern California are calling on RCHS to help with their overcrowding, and we have spent decades helping them transition abandoned animals into adoptable pets. We are ready to welcome new fosters and especially those willing to work with dogs with correctable issues.

Sign up, come in, and help RCHS get every animal in our care ready for their new forever families. 

Experience the uninhibited joy that a foster animal can bring to your home and the profound satisfaction of saving lives of companion animals!  For more details on our Foster Program, visit

We cannot do the great things we do without RCHS Fosters!

Hopeful as ever,