President’s Letter – January 2020

President’s Letter – January 2020

Dear RCHS Family and Friends,

“We interrupt the usual series of President’s letters (this one was to start with the letter ‘O’) with this important bulletin. . . .”

News of the fires in Australia makes every Californian recall the devastation that we have experienced in recent years. The five largest California fires – Thomas fire, Cedar fire, Rush fire, Rim fire and Zaca fire – destroyed 1 million acres. The Australian Bushfires have burned more than 14.6 million acres!

As we watched the bushfires rage, it became apparent that animals would be the greatest victims. It was clear that RCHS could not just watch, so RCHS adoption counselor Tracy Hahn came up with a plan and everyone rushed to spread the word and get involved. 20 adoptable dogs arrived at RCHS and were given Australian names.  You came to take them home!

Now through Valentine’s Day at Rancho Coastal Humane Society, 20% of every standard adoption fee and 100% all senior pet adoption fees will be donated to help the animal victims of the Australian Bushfires. We are inviting YOU to join us by making a donation to this lifesaving effort.


The funds will go to New South Wales’ Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Services (“WIRES”), a non-profit wildlife rescue organization in Australia that is rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals. We’ve seen estimates that nearly a billion animals have died. Our goal is to help with the animals who survived, but need medical treatment or transportation to safe areas.

There will be NO administrative fees taken by RCHS. The total collected will go to WIRES on Valentine’s Day. We researched all the charities that were calling for help.  I chose WIRES because it was the only charity who actually reported how it used its revenues, and our contribution is going directly where it is needed.  Charity Navigator describes WIRES as a highly-rated organization that is delivering aid and support to communities affected by the Australian fires.

Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society is one of only five working animal shelters in the United States to earn a perfect 100-point score from Charity Navigator. You can trust RCHS, and you can trust WIRES.

Please donate to support our Love Across the World Campaign.  To my recollection, I have never used this space to make a plea for money, but this time, RCHS needs your support in delivering the care, comfort and companionship you consistently provide for our adoptable pets to the koalas, kangaroos and others displaced by the Australian bushfires. RCHS is proud to share your Love!