President’s Letter – January 2021

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

Y-E-S.  A small word. Spoken softly in a tête-a-tête or shouted loudly in a rally, this word has a huge impact. Yes is consensus. Yes is compassion. Yes is power. Yes is permission. Yes is momentum. Yes is change.

I like this word, and I use it a lot. Like this:

A senior staff member stands at my door. I lift my head, when she says, “Quick question?” I say, “Quick answer, ‘Yes.’” She is startled and laughs nervously. I say, ”Did you want me to say No?” She says, “Well, no….” I say, “Okay, now tell me what I just agreed to!” Yes comes easy when you trust the person who is asking. 

Can we create a program where seniors adopt senior pets without paying an adoption fee? Yes.

Can we expand our ASP to provide temporary care for pets of veterans requiring in-patient treatment? Yes. How about seniors facing emergency hospitalization? Yes. COVID patients? (Wish I never heard that question, but…) Yes

Can we start a program for people grieving the loss of their beloved pets? Yes.

Can we open our Pet Pantry every Saturday? Yes. How about hosting holiday events, offering pet food and supplies to pet owners in need? Yes.

Can we take delivery of a truck loaded with 13 tons of donated pet food and supplies and distribute to local rescue organizations for free? Yes, apparently in about an hour. . . and every month!

Can we start a program where seniors on fixed or limited income can apply for a grant to cover extraordinary veterinary expenses for their beloved pets? Yes.

Can we. . . well, you get the picture!

Rancho Coastal Humane Society says Yes every day when a shelter pet finds a loving home. My favorite Yes?  When Libby uses a high-pitch tone to praise a dog who showed a behavior they’ve been working on together. We hear that a lot around here! 

Yes comes easy, when you have dedicated staff, loyal volunteers and generous donors who give Rancho Coastal the power to embrace the change that Yes brings!  Thank you.