President’s Letter – October 2020

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

As I have been immersed in the review of last fiscal year’s finances as part of our audit process, I have been looking at numbers that sometimes seem to “dance” in my head. We often measure achievements, based upon statistics, figures and metrics, but today I want to focus on VALUE. (This is my “V” letter, so how apropos!)

Value is defined as “the regard that something deserves” and, pluralized, “a set of principles or standards of behavior.” At Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS), we’re always working:

  • To recognize and celebrate the value that our volunteers bring to our Shelter and our Thrift Shop.
  • To acknowledge and herald those who donate in support of our rescue efforts, “fund-a-need” for essential supplies or equipment, or help us fulfill our commitment to pet owners in crisis.
  • To pay tribute to the importance of the human-animal bond, valuing our family pets in these times of isolation and restriction.
  • To remember and exalt true animal heroes who have left their “pawprints” in our Tribute Garden and their love of RCHS pets in our hearts.
  • To hold in highest regard the medical staff and animal care team who provide essential care, comfort and training that transitions homeless animals into adoptable pets.
  • To encourage and promote community outreach at all levels, adding value to the lives of those who need us now more than ever.
  • To convey encouragement, spread joy and show empathy to those we meet for the first time. . .or see every day.
  • To be useful to others – feline, canine, human – even when they are far away.
  • To establish the highest standards of performance and measure ourselves against the principles we admire in others.

RCHS values YOU. Thank you for making us better! Thank you for encouraging us to continue our important work! Thank you for “leaning in” and “shoring us up,” when we need it! Thank you for adding value to our mission!


Judi Sanzo