President’s Letter – March 2019

Dear RCHS Friends, Fans and Family,

I am hopeful!

More than four years ago, Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) launched a capital campaign to raise money to build a new medical center, education center and food bank as well as a new entry for our little yellow administration building. There were site plans, a citizen’s forum and meetings-upon-meetings with city officials, but the project got stuck in permitting, and the capital campaign was sidelined.

At the same time I took over as president, there was a new associate city planner assigned to the project.  I proposed, “As the new guys, let’s look with fresh eyes and see if we can find another solution.”  I’m pleased to tell you, we did!  A new biological report redefined the coastal wetlands, and a reduced setback allowed RCHS to preserve our dog runs, our training yard and Kamp Kanine’s doggie daycare. So, what’s next?

We are so close, and I am hopeful that we will get those approvals any day now. So, I am writing to all of you to help me put this out to the universe.

At RCHS, we are stronger together.  There is so much positive energy and enthusiasm here that if we ask the universe for what we need – a perfect home for Herald & Gerald, a ligament repair for Bubba (again!), an updated solar system, kennels full of adoptable companion animals, a wildlife center ready for baby season, a foster-to-adopter for Eagle – it just seems to happen!

I am ever hopeful that RCHS volunteers, fosters, adopters, trainers, walkers, kennel mates, shoppers, pet lovers, staff and donors can put a collective shout out to the universe that the time has come!  For those who have contributed to our building campaign, your funds are reserved for the project. For those who have pledged, stay tuned. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This month, I am sitting with Angel Face, patient and hopeful she will find a new home and our capital campaign will move forward.  Thank you for your continued support and well-wishes!