Rescue. CARE. Hope. Safety.


Even shelter animals deserve the best in veterinary care.

Their quarters are small and cramped; still, the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS) veterinary team takes on big medical cases. When an abandoned dog, cat or rabbit arrives at RCHS, sometimes their medical care has been overlooked for a lifetime. In the span of a year, our veterinary team has treated dogs with fractured and broken bones, cats with diseased eyes and chronic skin conditions, as well as rabbits with cancer. RCHS performs hundreds of routine spay/neuter surgeries on unaltered new arrivals and provides microchips so that they never will get lost again.   

In a typical year, more than one thousand animals are examined and treated by the RCHS veterinary staff. In addition to spay/neuter surgeries and extraordinary medical procedures, this includes dental surgeries, cleanings and repairs. This was the case with Rosita. The one-year-old Labrador mix was transferred to RCHS from a shelter in Mexico through the Friends of County Animal Shelters (FOCAS) program. At some point prior to her arrival, she had been attacked by other dogs, her jaw broken. It never healed properly and she was in constant pain, unable to close her mouth properly.   

The RCHS veterinary team made sure Rosita received the specialty oral care she needed. A procedure was performed to improve her bite and reduce pain. Today, Rosita is happy, healthy and in her forever home. Your donations support animals like Rosita.

When there’s a case that needs more specialty care or equipment, RCHS works with outside veterinary hospitals, fundraising tens of thousands of dollars to improve the quality of life of a shelter pet in need. If there is a treatable condition, RCHS will do everything it can to give that animal a chance at a healthy life.

Just because an animal is in a shelter doesn’t mean it should suffer from a treatable medical condition Thank you for helping RCHS transition animals from abandoned to adoptable with this critical care.  

“Thank you, it’s an honor! I’d like to adopt all the animals but since I can’t, my reoccurring sponsorship, which  enables RCHS to reach out to lots of animals needing aid is what makes me feel like I’m helping & benefitting the ones I can’t actually adopt.” 

-Heather Adelhelm, Recurring Donor