• Husky mix

    • Neutered Male

    • 5 years old

    • 67 pounds

Roscoe is a beloved 5 year old male husky mix. He belonged to my father in a pack of 5 huskies. My father passed away on 8/8/23 and I’ve been keeping his huskies for him. I have adopted out four of the huskies, with Roscoe being the last of the group.  He’s been living with me since my father’s passing. With a heavy heart, I know it’s time to  move Roscoe on to a family that can care for him the way that he deserves.

Roscoe is a blend of malamute calmness and the infamous husky energy. He’s a workhorse, we like to walk him with a backpack on so he can fulfill his desire to work every day. He’s a friendly dog who likes to jump on people. He is a good sport for baths and I’m able to bathe him weekly. He’s very quiet. I’ve never heard him bark and have only seen him howl when my other husky starts a howl.

Roscoe is nonconfrontational with other dogs and is not dominant at all. He occasionally gets into arguments with my other husky but will always try to diffuse the situation.

He likes to chill on the coach when we aren’t out walking. He’s not formally trained but he hasn’t had any accidents indoors and he knows his ‘sit’ command. He also learns very quickly, I taught him ‘go crate’ in a matter of days and he always listens to it now. He loves to be in his crate as well and will relax in it even if the door is open.

He respects the baby gates I keep in the house since I have to protect my cat from the two huskies.


He has so much love to give to someone who is up for training a loyal, friendly and gentle giant of 67 pounds and endless ounces of love to give.

If you are interested in adopting Roscoe, please contact Amber

*PLEASE NOTE: This animal is listed as a courtesy for another organization or private party. This pet has not been evaluated medically or behaviorally by Rancho Coastal Humane Society and is not in our care.  Please be sure to contact the foster/caretaker listed in the post for more information. Community Spotlight Adoptions are private adoptions and not processed through Rancho Coastal Humane Society.