The Catio Cat Café will Soon Open for Business (and Pleasure)

A former storage yard at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society just got a new purpose, thanks to a very impressive joint effort. Watch for the official Grand Opening of the “Catio Café.”

Long time guests and volunteers remember when the space between the cattery and the rabbitat contained a rusted metal shed and weeds taller than the six-foot fence. The 20×20 foot yard became a catch-all for items that were seldom used.


Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo, Merrick Pet Care, Jackson Galaxy and Haus Panther to the rescue!

Petco Foundation contacted RCHS in search of a project that would give executives a chance to have a significant impact on an animal shelter, OURS! The executives wanted to work together in a meaningful “sweaty” way that would contribute to the people and animals we serve. The little yard was not being used to its full potential. We needed help!

As Director of Volunteer Services Mary Pilon created a work plan, and Facilities Manager Matt Gentile prepared everything that would be needed when the team from Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo and Merrick Pet Care arrived on August 13th

You could feel the excitement as the volunteers painted, assembled cat furniture and built shelves. “Catification” and Cat Daddy expert Jackson Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell,” was joined by designer Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, both of whom signed their book for RCHS staff and volunteers.   

President Judi Sanzo said, “The project was lots of fun and the work was rewarding.  Together, we created something meaningful. The Catio wiill give families a safe place to sit outdoors with cats who can get stressed in the cattery. Our cats will have the op-purr-tunity to meet potential adopters in a natural environment filled with great hideouts, hammocks and toys. Cats who have been here at the shelter longer than usual will get outdoor play time with volunteers and staff.”

We also thank Shazeebo and @PurrfectFence for installing a beautiful shade cloth and kitty safety fencing.

Watch for the grand opening in September, which is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. We’ll also have some cat adoption incentives.

A special thanks to Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo and Merrick Pet Care for supporting Rancho Coastal Humane Society, where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.


For More Pictures, CLICK HERE!