The Wheels Don’t Fall Off the Education Bus when the Kids go Back to School

The Wheels Don’t Fall Off the Education Bus when the Kids go Back to School

A guest asked us if activities in the Humane Education Center stop once the kids go back to school. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Fall is a super busy time of year for the Humane Education program at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society!

As you’re reading this, Humane Educator Lizzie Hart just finished two weeks of Fall Animal Camp. It’s not a rehash of Summer Camp. The baby animals the kids learned about a few months ago are now adolescents. Their needs and the roles they play in our communities have changed…and Camp changes to teach the children.

The Happy Tales Reading Program is back. One Friday per month children come (with a parent or other adult) to read to the cats, dogs and rabbits. It’s great for the kids because the animals don’t judge them if they make a mistake. It’s great for the animals to have one-to-one contact with children.

The Kids Community Service (KCS) after school program is now full speed ahead! Every weekday afternoon students ranging in ages from 6 to 12 years come to the shelter to learn about and spend time with the animals. These are lessons they can take home and share with siblings, neighbors and friends.

Lizzie always has a full schedule of tours and classroom presentations throughout the week. Then, during the weekends and some weekday afternoons, “party animals” invade the Humane Education Center. It’s time for birthday parties! The party guests have a great time while interacting and learning all about animals.

So, no. The flurry of activity doesn’t stop when the kids go back to school in the fall.

It just changes schedule. It changes lives. It changes the future.

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