We Called Him Bigfoot Because We Can’t Spell Sausuach (Sasquatch!)

Nearly every day, we receive a Happy Ever After “second chance” or sometimes even “third chance” adoption story. The pets that were once abandoned and homeless, but never hopeless, find their new homes because of your loyal support for Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS).

We thought it was time to start regularly sharing these stories with you. This month we hear from Bigfoot’s family and, yes, that was his name because spelling “Sasquatch” was a little too tricky.

Bigfoot was first adopted from RCHS in 2018, but returned to us last March. He was with us for more than 9 months. Bigfoot’s size and energy proved to be too much for many potential adopters. Our animal training and volunteer teams worked diligently to help him overcome his fears and learn how to be calm and settle down.

Fast forward, Bigfoot is in his new forever home and spends his days lounging in the sun and around the house. Here’s what his new family recently shared:

“All is fantastic! Yes, he is such a good boy and easily trainable. We stopped the long walks for now as suggested by Libby, which has given him more time to settle into the home and backyard and really feel comfortable. Sydnie was totally right, we needed weeks to decompress. He does get excited still, but refrains from jumping now and quickly settles himself by laying down immediately while excitingly wagging his tail! Libby was right, hot dogs are the key training tool! We’ve had no more episodes. He’s learning to trust us and we’ve learned his excitement limits. We have all adjusted very well to each other! 

Thank you all for such wonderful support!” -Virginia & family

Congratulations Bigfoot! Congratulations to Libby, Sydnie and the entire Animal Care team that helped Bigfoot go home! 

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