Wear Your Mask And Wash Your Paws…Just Like Miso Kitty!

Maybe, you’ve seen that funny story on the internet about the man who tried giving his cat a bath. Needless to say, the cat won that battle.

If Miso were his cat, there would have been a different ending. Miso kitty used to take a bath twice a week at Rancho Coastal Humane Society (RCHS).

Miso is a 5-year-old, 12-pound female, Domestic Short Hair cat. Our rescue partner in Riverside County called us about Miso and asked if we could help because Miso had severe dermatitis.  Of course, we said “Yes.”  Our medical team went straight to work, addressing Miso’s medical issues – one by one. Miso had severe allergic skin disease with a secondary bacterial infection. She is allergic to several grasses, trees and shrubs found in Southern California. Miso is on a prescription diet for skin allergies, an immunosuppressive medication to stop the itch, and a gradual desensitization therapy so that her body becomes “immune” to the grasses and pollens that made her scratch. Her regimen includes medicated baths, originally twice a week but now once every other week. 

We’ll be totally honest! There weren’t a lot of volunteers for the job of “cat bather.” Miso probably would rather skip a bath altogether and stay in her wonderful enclosure. Once in the bath, Miso tries to escape the tub and makes a few pitiful meows but, once she realizes that we would not be persuaded otherwise, Miso leans in to the soapy experience.       

After 6 months of desensitization therapy, Miso’s skin looks great and her allergies are currently controlled.  Miso loves her toys, and she loves playing with people. She’s a purr-fect cat!

RCHS Medical Director Kathy Zerkle says Miso is itching to start her new life. (Okay, Kathy didn’t really say that. She will roll her eyes at us for that pun!)  Miso, the cat who takes baths, needs a home. If it’s not your home, please share this story. You might already know Miso’s new family. You can also make a donation to the Medical Fund to help us pay for treatment for Miso and the other cats in our care.

In the meantime, remember to wear your mask and wash your paws….just like Miso!

Watch Miso’s Bath Time Below!