How Far would You Drive to Save Puppies?

Usually, when you hear about your Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s partnership with, it’s about another pet food distribution to local rescue groups. Just a few weeks ago, we distributed 9,000 pounds of pet food in half an hour.

A few days later, our friends at asked if we could take two puppies from Mexico who were rescued by an international organization called Rescate Fenix/Rescue Fenix, that has volunteers on both sides of the U.S. border. The puppies were happy and healthy, just needed a destination. We said, “Yes!”  (We always say Yes when Greater Good asks!)

Their journey began early on a Friday morning in Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. They crossed the border after a 17-hour drive. The 8-week old puppies were rescued from the streets and taken to a shelter where many puppies do not survive.

It’s an outdoor shelter with some overhead protection, but no walls. The dogs live in colony kennels. That means the puppies and smaller dogs are competing for food and safety with every other dog.

The puppies spent their first night in the U.S. in a foster home in Escondido. On Saturday morning, they arrived at RCHS where they received their initial medical examinations before being settled into kennels with food, water and the first soft beds of their lives.

San Diego resident Susan Rosenberg is Director of International Programs for Susan says, “If Rancho Coastal Humane Society hadn’t taken these puppies, they would not have made it. You saved their lives.” News 8 even did a story on the puppies.


We hope to be able to rescue many more abandoned pets in the future through this international partnership.

Visit to learn when the puppies become available. You can also see other pets that need homes and schedule your “Adoption by Appointment.” If this isn’t the right time for you to adopt or foster a pet, become a “Virtual Foster” by sponsoring a pet (or several) to help pay for their care at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society, where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow®.