The Animal Safehouse Program…in a constant state of change

“About the time I think I understand Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s Animal Safehouse Program, I read or hear something that I didn’t know about it”

That’s a comment from a longtime RCHS supporter. We can’t disagree. The Animal Safehouse Program is constantly changing to meet the needs of the people and pets we serve. Here’s how we introduce ASP on our website:

We understand that domestic violence harms every member of the household and we are here to offer a lifeline to the beloved pets living in abusive environments. The Animal Safehouse Program coordinates temporary shelter and veterinary care for the pets who are victims of domestic violence. Our goal is to reunite program participants with the survivor once safety and stability have been reached.

Click on the section that talks about the services ASP provides for veterans and here’s what it says:

In 2011, the Animal Safehouse Program opened its doors to the military pets of our community. We coordinate temporary boarding and veterinary care for the pets of veterans receiving health-related services through the VA. Once the service members have made a healthy recovery, they are reunited with their pets. With the help of the Animal Safehouse Program, veterans are able to seek the medical attention they need without having to consider giving up their pets in the process.

ASP Director Justina Kirkland sees the program change every week. Our outreach to veterans and active duty military is growing by leaps and bounds. The program that we created as the safety net for the pets of domestic violence victims sees no boundaries when it comes to helping pets and people in need.

Earlier this month Justina Kirkland and RCHS President Judi Sanzo appeared as guests on “Real Talk San Diego.” It’s been viewed thousands of times worldwide.

Thank you for supporting the Animal Safehouse Program and your Rancho Coastal Humane Society where Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow.®