RCHS Wish List

SPECIAL DONATION INSTRUCTIONS:  During our ongoing construction project, we are ONLY able to accept the following items: clean towels, blankets and beds, gently used or new toys (no tennis balls) as well as dry or canned dog and cat food. Please call (760) 753-6413 in advance to schedule your donation drop-off. Thank you!

Consider making an in-kind donation by purchasing items from the RCHS Amazon Wish List. From rabbit food to cat toys, puppy pads, chew sticks, cleaning and medical supplies, there’s no shortage of wishes.

We also accept new and gently used items at our humane society or our Thrift Shop.  Items for our humane society can be dropped off by the main gate any day of the week. Please take household items and clothing to our Thrift Shop. For more information about donating to our Thrift Shop Click Here or contact them at 760-753-0970 to find out about drop off and pick up of Thrift Shop donations.

  • Blankets (New or gently used, washed with no tears or holes)
  • Towels (New or gently used, washed with no tears or holes)
  • Toys (New or gently used, washed with no tears, holes, or chew marks)
  • Collars/Harnesses (New or gently used, washed, and in good condition)
  • Leashes (New or gently used washed and in good condition no fraying or knots)
  • Elizabethan Collars (New unused only)
  • Flea Medication (In original packaging Not expired)
  • Cat Litter clumping and non-clumping
  • Litter Boxes (New, unused only)
  • Pet Beds (New or gently used, WASHED with no tears or holes)
  • Pet Brushes (New only)
  • Food and Water Bowls (New or gently used, cleaned and in good condition)
  • Dry Dog and Cat Food (New, unopened, Not expired)
  • Small Animal Food (New, unopened, Not expired)
  • Treats (New, unopened, Not expired)
  • Canned Dog and Cat Food (New, Not expired)
  • X-Pens (New or gently used, fully functioning with No rust)
  • Dog outfits and ThunderShirts (New or gently used, washed with no tears or holes)
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Open or expired food
  • Used litter boxes
  • Electric blankets
  • Comforters with feathers
  • Mattress pads
  • Please do not leave Thrift Shop items at the shelter.

If that wasn’t enough good news...

All gifts purchased from our Wish Lists are tax deductible and will conveniently ship directly to RCHS.