Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Whether it’s a new puppy or kitten that you got for Christmas, or a family pet that you’ve had for lots of New Years, you can keep it safe this holiday season by following some simple guidelines.

“Lots of pets run away on Christmas Day and New Years Eve,” says RCHS spokesman John Van Zante. “There are loud noises, guests come and go, and there are plenty of opportunities for pets to ‘door dash.’ Pets need a safe place. That can be a spare room or under the bed, but a frightened pet can rush out and run down the street. Chasing your dog or cat down the street is not how you want to spend your holiday!”

Here are a few more safety tips to keep our furry family members safe during the holiday season.

*         Provide a crate or other safe place away from the party
*         Make sure your pet has pet food and water
*         Remind your guests NOT to feed your pet
*         Keep your pet away from the tree, packages, and other holiday decorations
*         Even during the party, your dog needs a “potty break”
*         Don’t put your pet in the yard and forget about it
*         Watch out for “door dashing” as guests come and go
*         Make sure your pet is micro-chipped so it can be identified if it escapes
*         Ask before taking your pet along to someone else’s house

Families getting a new pet for Christmas should create a routine. Van Zante says holiday activities can jeopardize the training. “Your guests will be there for a few hours, but your pet will be with you for the next 10 to 15 years. Ignoring your pet’s routine or allowing guests to teach it bad habits could impact the rest of your life together. Keep your best friends, both animal and human, safe this holiday season.”