Pets of the Month – June 2021


Tipperary is a 1 year old, 58 pound, female, Border Collie mix. While she’s technically an adult, she’s still very much a puppy.

She was stray in the Imperial Valley before being picked up and taken to an animal shelter. After that, she was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society through the FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program.

Tipperary will do best with a family that is familiar with herding breeds. You’ve probably heard how they like to herd. She needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. You can’t leave her alone all day while you go to work. She will also do better if she has a yard where she can use up some of her energy.  

The $145 adoption fee for Tipperary includes medical exam, spay, up to date vaccinations, registered microchip, and a one-year license if the adopter lives in the jurisdiction of San Diego Humane Society’s Department of Animal Services.


Tractor is a 2 year old, 12 pound, male, Domestic Short Hair cat with a Brown Tabby coat.

Like more than 90% of the pets adopted from RCHS, Tractor was transferred to us through the FOCAS (Friends of County Animal Shelters) program. He came from one of our crowded rescue partners in Riverside County.

Tractor was pretty nervous the day he arrived. Once he figured out that he was safe and that the people in the cattery really, really like cats, Tractor relaxed and began to purr. Tractor doesn’t have much interest in cat toys. He’s fine with other cats, but seems to prefer the company of people.

The $100 adoption fee for Tractor includes medical exam, neuter, up to date vaccinations, and registered microchip.

Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society will re-open to adopters starting Friday, June 4th. Hours for the kennels, cattery, and rabbitat will be 11 AM to 2 PM Friday through Monday for families with adoption applications.

Guests must wear masks and observe social distancing. The number of guests on the RCHS campus will be limited to 20 households at a time.
For more information call 760-753-6413, log on to, or visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society with your completed adoption application beginning Friday, June 4th at 11:00 AM.