President’s Letter Fall 2023

Dear RCHS Friends and Family,

The campus is a dustbowl, except when it rains, and then it’s a soupbowl of gravel, dirt and stones.  You have been patient and accommodating, and I have been grateful and apologetic.

There is exciting news to share! On Monday, October 16th, we received building permits. There is still more infrastructure work to be done, but the work inside the construction fence is moving forward. So, while you watch your step, avoiding the last of the trenchwork, don’t forget to look up!  We poured concrete footings for the Food Bank and the K9 Training office this week.  We are laying the foundation for the Learning Center next Wednesday.  Then, the lumber and trusses (the frames that hold the roof up) should drop in the next few weeks, and you will finally be able to see something ABOVE GROUND as you wander down the driveway toward our kennels. It’s still too soon to talk about a completion date, but I promise that we are keeping the project on task and on target!

It’s not all about the project, though. It’s all about the animals. . . and those who help us care for them while they are here and those who walk them right out of the shelter on their way to foster and forever homes. We applaud your consistent presence and your willingness to brave the site to make a difference in the lives of our dogs, cats and rabbits.

Our adoption numbers are strong, and our foster network is bustling with kittens! (Who knew that kitten season would continue through October?) Our team continues to follow hard-to-place and long-term dogs into adoption homes to help with transitions. We also continue to help pet families in our community, providing food and supplies, safety and comfort, hope and veterinary care, all of which reduces owner relinquishment.  Doing what needs to be done is the hallmark of RCHS and, with your help, we continue to fulfill our promise to companion animals and their humans.

So, as we Fall into the start of the holiday season, I would like to be the first to say, “Thank You for helping Rancho Coastal Humane Society be the best it can be – today, tomorrow and for years to come!”