Put Your Best Paw Forward – January is “Train your Dog Month”

Reggie taking a nap after playtime! Photo courtesy of Stephanie and Derek (Reggie’s Adopters).

Training your pet is a job. It’s part of your commitment to being a pet parent. After a while, that training becomes more of a partnership.

Set a routine and stick to it. This includes:

  • Meals at regular times
  • Walks on a schedule
  • Where to sleep
  • When to sleep
  • Which items are “toys” and which items are “off-limits”

Making and following these rules for a new pet is important for both of you. We all want to know what to expect. It’s hard to hit a target if it keeps moving. Pet training is the same. Your pet isn’t going to learn if you’re not consistent.

For a new puppy, most pet experts agree on these three basics:

Start with a crate:

*          Make it fun. This is really important. MAKE IT FUN…for both of you!

*          The crate can be a “safe zone” for your pet, and it will give you peace of
            mind that your pet is safe when you need a break.

*          Rest is important…for both of you. A puppy napping in a crate is a safe puppy.

*          Feed your dog treats in the crate. One more reason why the crate is fun.

Adoption Day at RCHS! Derek, Stephanie, and Reggie (formerly Maeve).

Work with a positive reinforcement trainer or attend puppy classes:

*          If possible, decide on your trainer before you get the dog.

*          Don’t delay. Get started right away before your pup learns bad behaviors.

Playtime and downtime:

*          All work and no play makes Fido an unhappy puppy. Remember to play!

*          One of our trainer friends says to use mental stimulation to “drain and train the
            brain.” It tires your dog out more than physical stimulation.

*          Take a few days off when you get a new dog to help it adjust to its new home.  


We give pets a part of our lives. They give us their whole lives. Take time to train. You’ll be paid back with a lifetime of love and companionship.

If this isn’t the right time for you to adopt, become a “Virtual Foster” by becoming a monthly sponsor for our animals awaiting their “fur-ever” homes. For more information, call 760-753-6413 or log on to our website. Together We Save Lives!