Supporting the People and Pets of Ukraine

How We All Can Help

Heartbreaking. If there’s one word that can describe the tragedy of war unfolding in Ukraine and the subsequent flood of refugees seeking safety, that word is “Heartbreaking.” The U.N. estimates 4 million people have fled the country, soon to be 5 million. Some have managed to flee with their beloved pets; unfortunately, some pets were left behind in the war zone. These are families like ours, who have found themselves in peril trying to survive.

We at Rancho Coastal Humane Society are supporting our partner nonprofits who are on the ground along with multiple other organizations responding to the crisis. At the Ukrainian-Polish border alone, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) estimates veterinary teams are processing 500 – 600 animals a day. IFAW is working to provide pet food, supplies, veterinary care, vaccinations and microchips.

Our partner, Greater Good Charities, has rescue teams in the border regions, providing food, supplies and resources. They are supporting international organizations providing relief not only to companion pets, but also for animals trapped in abandoned shelters and zoos. Greater Good is also sending assembled “Good Pack” backpacks filled with hygiene products, food, and a pet pouch for refugees with pets.

All these organizations are taking great risks to provide safety and comfort to so many who have lost so much. RCHS knows that donating to a reputable and verified charity is important to you. We are confident that these two organizations are doing all they can to respond to this crisis. If you would like to donate to these efforts, please visit:

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Greater Good Charities


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