Welcome Big Brother Fans!

Welcome Big Brother Fans!

Your Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA welcomes guests who discovered us through the Big Brother Live Feeds on Paramount Plus.

For an 8th season Big Brother has chosen RCHS to represent animal shelters and pet rescue organizations worldwide.

Pet Adoption and Humane Education were our two original programs in 1960.

Since then we’ve added:

  • The Animal Safehouse Program – A safety net for the pets of domestic violence victims, seniors, veterans, and families in crisis.
  • The Community Pet Food Bank – Making it possible for families to stay together without asking, “Who gets to eat today…you or me?”
  • Pet Assisted Therapy – Delivering the love of animals to extended care facilities, schools, libraries, and programs for children.
  • Veterinary Care Assistance Program for Seniors – No senior citizen should be forced to give up their pet because they can’t afford medical care.
  • The Pet Loss Support Group – Free help for people who recently lost pets, have pets suffering from major illnesses, or are saying goodbye to pets.
  • Support our Thrift Shop online https://rchumanesociety.org/thrift-shop/

If you live near Rancho Coastal Humane Society or if you’re traveling to the San Diego area, please come for a visit. We’re just off Interstate 5 at Encinitas Boulevard.

If that’s not possible, visit a shelter or rescue in your area. You can lend a helping paw. At RCHS we believe that Every Animal Deserves a Tomorrow. ®

Big Brother viewers can support our programs for people and animals. Click here to see our Wish List.

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